Just because you’re spending a day at the beach doesn’t mean that your belongings should be subject to dirt and grime. Keeping them safe and secure is essential. Beach tents, a shade-oriented accessory, provides protection from Sun and bugs, but they offer no protection from dust, sand, or water. We can, however, keep the beach tents clean through washing or using a beach tent liner. 

Ways to Keep Your Beach Tent Clean

1. Treat the Tent

First and foremost, treat the tent. You can go to a dry cleaner or buy a spray bottle to spray down your tent with. Spraying it down will not only keep your tent clean but will also help erase dirt and stains. Most dry cleaners treat tents by spraying them with a special mixture that repels dirt and stains. It will need an occasional touch-up, but that is much better than days of cleaning and polishing.

2. Use a Beach Tent Liner

You can use a beach tent liner to cover up the entire tent when not in use. It will stop dirt from entering and will also stop water from damaging the interior fabric. It is basically waterproof, so you can trust your belongings when you are in it. 

3. Keep the Sun Off

If you are storing your tent during the day, keep it under a shady tree or umbrella. The Sun heats the fabric, causing it to expand and leaves impressions on it once it returns to normal. These impressions tend to cause stains. Also, try to wipe off any excess water or moisture before you put your tent away.

4. Wipe It Down!

Being out at the beach can be dirty. Do not forget to wipe down your tent before putting it away. If you do not, all the water and sand left behind will expand during storage, causing permanent damage to your tent’s fabric.

5. Air It Out

This is especially important if you are storing your tent for an extended period of time. If you leave it in a closet, the closed space will cause the fabric to expand and contract and form permanent indentions. At the end of its life cycle, these indentions can make your tent unusable.

How to Store a Beach Tent?

A beach tent can easily become a household item that has been used for many years, even decades. If you are storing your beach tent for an extended period of time, you should consider using one of these solutions.

1. Place It in a Closet

If you are storing your beach tent for an extended period of time, the best thing to do is simply put it in a closet or dresser drawer. This will prevent any water or sand particles from contacting the fabric and causing permanent damage.

2. Use a Heavy Duty Carrying Bag

You can use a heavy-duty carrying bag to store your beach tent in between trips to the beach. This will keep it from being exposed to the elements when you are not using it, and it will enable you to store all your gear in one place when you are done.

3. Store Inside the House

If you live in an area where the climatic conditions are damp, storing the beach tent is crucial as moisture can entrain it and damage it. 

4. Cover It Up

If you live in a location where there can be exposed to mold or mildew, you can cover up your beach tent with a tarp or other covering. This will help protect the fabric from water damage but also helps prevent mold and mildew from growing on it.

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A beach tent is a great investment, and if you take the right precautions, it can last for a very long time. A good-quality beach tent can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 or more, so it is worth protecting from any possible damage that could happen when at the beach. Also, it will provide an opportunity to spend time on the beach without worrying about any damage whatsoever. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Name some top brands for beach tents?
A. Some top brands include Coleman,  Eureka,  Aqua Quest,  Coolaroo,  GLM Camping  and others.

Q. What material should I choose for my beach tent?
A. Look for polyester and polyester blends that are rated up to 50 or 60 UPF. The fibers in the fabric should be tightly weaved together and not have any slack in the weave. These features will help protect you from UV rays and also keep your tent cooler inside during hot days at the beach.

Q. What is a good size and color for a beach umbrella?
A. Anything from a 9 foot to 11-foot diameter is a good size. You can even get bigger ones if you have a lot of people going with you to the beach. As far as colors are concerned, most beach tents are colored orange, red, blue, tan or green. Choose one that blends in with your surroundings or one that fits your style.

Q. What is the most common tent type?
A. Usually they are dome-style tents that are found with many size options.  You may also choose from canvas beach tents, pop-up beach tents, instant beach tents, portable beach tents, and others. If you are looking for more additional features like storage pockets or windows you can also find it among the varieties of tents for the beach.